Pass it on: A game about vaccination hesitancy

Pass it on: A game about vaccination hesitancy

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Project Description

– Project proposal, submitted for the Co-Immune competition organized by JOGL (Just One Giant Lab) Paris, 2019 –

Pass it on: A simulation role play video game

Handle epidemics outbursts by addressing people’s questions and fears about vaccines.
Video pitch available here

Common approaches for training soft skills in healthcare practitioners involve slides presentations, handbooks, video tutorials and other non-interactive and non-immersive methods.. Furthermore, it is difficult to incorporate all the complexity of vaccine hesitancy into theoretical lectures. Face-to-face mentoring is sometimes employed too, but it requires skilled trainers (not available everywhere) and it is costly.

Our approach

A video game aimed both at the healthcare practitioners and the general population. Gamification is increasingly used for health care training (Wang et al. 2016). Large conferences on this topic are being organized in the USA (Games for Health, and in Europe (

Furthermore, digital games development no longer requires large teams of computer games specialists. With the proliferation of game engines (Unity, Godot, Unreal etc) which aim to implement the concept of making games with minimal coding, it became much quicker, easier and affordable to develop a digital game.

We propose a role-playing video game where the player is a health worker whose mission is to allay fears and tackle vaccination hesitancy. Our game will expose the player to public opinion fluctuations (e.g. an increase in vaccination refusal following a celebrity’s blog post), as well as patients individual differences. The health practitioner encounters different personality types, different life environments and various personal histories. This approach offers an insight into unspoken thoughts, attitudes and emotions, thus encouraging strategic flexibility and the development of rhetoric and socio-emotional skills.